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Sales Behavioural Profiling
SalesMatch identifies 4 key elements that form the basis of any sales role:
They are not confined to these four elements but they do provide objective recruitment selection criteria as opposed to traditional CV. word search. Two additional elements are ‘Intellect’ and ‘Desire’ - both of which can be assessed with the right interview and assessment techniques.
Helps you identify the Hunter from Farmer in the sales interview
Reduces sales force turnover by eliminating the candidates that are less likely to succeed
Improves sales results
Benchmark your existing sales team to build successful sales teams
Assist Managers in management & motivation of individuals
Sales Animals
Every animal has a specific habitat, and it’s the same with salespeople. The SalesMatch model has built in profiling within the search engine so that candidates are correctly matched to their natural environment. Profiling provides an insight into why certain salespeople act and respond differently. Each profile is specific to the individual and provides an in-depth insight into their sales style.
Each Animal has it’s own characteristics, and our online behavioural profile assessment helps you identify their primary characteristics: opening, fact finding, presenting, and closing.
All have a mixture of the four qualities to a greater or lesser degree. Each profile has a lead primary quality that you can see in the table below: